The Wizard

There used to be a game played by Pilots called The Wizard.  It may still be played by some, but I haven’t heard of it actually being played in at least 15 years.

I am conducting a somewhat informal and unscientific survey to possibly include in a lecture proposal that I am working on. If I decide to do this, the results of this survey may appear in my speech at various aviation-related conferences and symposiums around the world.  No identifying information other than demographics (primarily age and aviation experience) will be disclosed to anyone at any time.  Participants are welcome to remain anonymous and to only submit the requested information.  Please submit your answer on the Quora question page that I have posted.  Thank you to for providing the website page for this explanation.

Please answer the questions below on Quora:

  1. Have you ever heard of the game The Wizard?
  2. Do you know how the game is played? (please only answer Yes, No, or Somewhat… please don’t explain any of the details of the game)
  3. Have you ever played it yourself?
  4. When is the last time that you remember playing or hearing someone else play?  (NOT stories about the game… I mean the last time you actually played or witnessed the game being played)

For demographic purposes…

  1. What was your age and piloting experience at the time of #4, above?  (example:  30 years old with ATP license and working for a major airline)

If you’ve read this far and are wondering what I’m talking about, I can’t tell you or it will spoil the whole point of the survey.  If you do know what I’m talking about then keep it to yourself until the survey is completed.

Please Note: If you are a pilot and have never heard of The Wizard, I would still like for you to post your “No” response, if you would, please.  This will help with the survey.

I expect to end the survey on August 31, 2018.  Shortly after that (September 1, 2018?) I will post the final results and explain what The Wizard is.

If anyone lets the cat out of the bag prior to September 1, 2018, the survey will be spoiled and I’ll just use another venue, but I wanted to give Quorans first crack at it.

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