My Travel Bag

This is an unpaid endorsement… I am writing this because I genuinely love my bag and highly recommend it.  If you happen to buy it using the link on this page, then hooray for me… It’s no extra cost to you and I make a few bucks.  But… I am not getting paid by TravelPro.  I could have chosen any bag… and I chose this one…

The TravelPro Crew 20” Rollaboard


The current iteration of this bag is the Crew 11.  My current bag is a Crew 7.  Every year or two, TravelPro updates the design, but it’s still the same basic bag that it was 10 years ago.  It’s also available as a 22” rollaboard, but I find that the 20” is so much easier to travel with, and slides easily into airplane overhead bins that are a struggle with the 22” model.

I’ll tell you straight up that I don’t look for anything fancy in a bag.  I want something that is durable and reliable, as well as a pleasure to travel with.  This is my second Crew rollaboard and when it finally gives out, I already have a Crew 10 waiting to take its place.  The bag is practically bulletproof.  It has never leaked, takes loads of abuse, and just keeps on rolling.  I travel half a million miles a year, and you can keep your designer bags and the bags with all the organizers and fancy features.  If you’re a hard-core traveler, this is the bag you want.  It is a Crew, after all… originally designed by an airline pilot specifically for flight crews.  TravelPro has other product lines besides the Crew, and there are plenty of other models to choose from if the Crew is not right for you.

What I love about the Crew:

It’s durable, rugged, and water resistant.  I don’t intentionally mistreat my bags, but I don’t coddle them, either.  This bag has to be on the road over 250 days a year, and it handles it without a single whimper.  The semi-rigid frame with softside nylon ballistic shell is exactly what you want… if you want your bag to last.

It’s a rollaboard.  Those two inline skate wheels are vastly superior to the 4-wheeled “spinners”.  Spinner bags are fine for light duty, but they won’t hold up to abuse and constant travel.  Those two low-profile wheels are practically bulletproof, and if one does break, it can be replaced in about 60 seconds.  You can get a couple of spare wheels online.  The bag has a warranty, but it’s cheap and easy to just replace the wheel yourself, even if you’re a complete klutz like me.

It has minimal pockets and organizers.  Those just take up space.  The Crew has only what you need to pack your stuff, and no more.  I actually end up removing all the organizers from my bags and just using the empty space.  You can pack a lot in a completely empty bag without organizers… a skill you’ll need to develop if you’re going to be traveling a lot.

It’s an expandable.  I don’t really use the expandable feature for traveling, but it makes it much easier to completely fill the bag with all of your stuff, when that’s necessary.  Just open the expandable feature, pack the bag, and zip it closed.  Then… Zip the expander closed.  This compresses the bag back down to its unexpanded size, and all of your stuff is snug and secure inside.

It’s a carry-on.  The 20” will even fit in the overhead compartments of many smaller airplanes.  Checking bags wastes time and risks a misplaced bag, so avoid checking a bag wherever possible.  This bag will help you to do that.  If you really need it, the 22” model complies with most airlines’ carry-on size restrictions, but it’s a tight fit.

This bag is a bargain at under $185 on Amazon.  I highly recommend it.  If you believe it’s the bag for you, please use the link below to purchase it.

Travelpro Crew 11 20″ Expandable Business Plus Upright, Black



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