I was born in southeastern North Carolina, in the USA, in 1967. I have traveled all over the world and have lived in Canada, Ukraine, and Costa Rica, in addition to several cities in the USA. I currently live in San José, Costa Rica. My entire life has been spent in aviation and travel. I have never been married and I have no children. I have very few hobbies or interests outside of aviation and travel. It is almost literally all that I do. The information in this profile about me is current as of September 2017.

CURRENTLY: I am semi-retired. I operate a full-service luggage storage business in San José, Costa Rica (including the Juan Santamaria – SJO airport)… BagTree. Contact me at bagtreecr@gmail.com or visit our web page at BagTree

I also operate a limited travel agency, concierge, and airline ticket buying service for select clients. That email is crwandering@gmail.com

Pilot: I have been a licensed pilot since 1985. I currently hold an FAA Airline Transport Pilot certificate with Airplane (multi-engine, land and sea), Glider, and Instrument ratings. I also have a flight instructor certificate with instrument instructor and multi-engine instructor ratings. I have some time in rotorcraft, but I never finished getting my rotorcraft rating. I have logged about 18,500 hours PIC and about 4000 hours SIC. I have held a few type ratings, but most of my time has been in smaller aircraft.

Air Traffic Controller: I was a terminal controller with the FAA for over 20 years. My busiest facility was Southern California (SoCal) TRACON, where I worked in the Los Angeles Arrivals area.

SME: I have been a Subject Matter Expert on various aspects of the aviation and travel industry since 1999. I have assisted aviation and travel-related businesses and government organizations all over the world. I have testified in a few civil court cases as an SME.

Aircraft Accident Investigator: I have worked with accident investigation entities and as an Ad Hoc accident investigator on several occasions, affilitated with ICAO and other organizations all over the world.

Aviation Consultant: I have served as an aviation consultant for major airlines, organizations, other travel and aviation-related businesses, and governmental agencies all over the world. My specialized areas of knowledge include air traffic control, airline customer experience, airplane accident investigation, and human factors on the flight deck. I am currently available as a consultant.

Travel: I have traveled over 13 million miles on the airlines and millions more by other methods such as private air travel, train, etc. I have visited over 200 countries (some of them don’t even exist any more) and have been on all seven continents many times (Antarctica only 3 times). I’ve filled up 29 Passports with stamps and #30 will be full soon.

Travel Agent: On the entrepreneur side of things, I have been a travel agent, concierge, and professional airline ticket purchaser since 1986. I have worked in this business for myself continuously, alongside my employment and contract work. I have developed an airline ticket purchasing system that accurately predicts future ticket prices and consistently outperforms the online travel agencies and other predictive systems. I am currently available as a travel agent and concierge (for trips to Costa Rica), and as an airline ticket purchaser (worldwide).

Author: I have published several travel guides and professional papers on travel and aviation-related subjects. I am currently available for writing requests.