Baggage Storage Service

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Visiting Costa Rica involves a lot of moving around.  Carrying all of your baggage with you for your entire visit can be quite a chore.  BagTree can store what you don’t need for a particular portion of your journey.  We offer both long-term and short-term storage in San José and at the Juan Santamaria (SJO) airport.

Short-term storage is perfect for those who will be visiting multiple destinations within Costa Rica.  Rental cars, shuttles, and buses have limited storage space and can usually only accommodate one or two carry-on sized bags per person.  Costa Rica’s domestic airlines typically only allow one carry-on sized bag and one small personal item… sometimes even less than that.

Our long-term storage is perfect for those who visit Costa Rica frequently.  Why lug all that stuff back and forth when you can leave it with us?  When you next arrive in Costa Rica, your bags will be waiting.  We also offer laundry service while you’re away, so your things will be fresh and clean when you return (extra charges apply – inquire for details).

Schedule of Fees

Drop Off or Pick Up*:

Airport:  $2.50

Hotel (San José/Alajuela):  $5

Storage (per day/week/month**):

Backpack/Small Bag (max. 36 linear inches):  $5/$25/$50

Carry-On Size Bag (max. 45 linear inches):  $8/$40/$80

Large Bag (max. 62 linear inches):  $12/$50/$100

Oversize Bag (max. 74 linear inches):  $17/$65/$130

Bicycle, Surfboard, or Golf Bag (including clubs):  $8/$40/$80***


When storing 2 or more bags, a 10% discount is applied to your total bill.

Bags larger than 74 linear inches cannot be accepted.

A $15 deposit must be paid at the time your bags are initially dropped off with us here in Costa Rica.  You may prepay this deposit via PayPal, if you choose.  Your deposit is applied toward your bill.  You may pay the balance due at any time prior to your last bag being released back to you.  Long-term storage accounts are billed monthly.

*One set of Drop Off/Pick Up fees (a $10 value) is waived when your total bill (after discounts, if any) equals or exceeds $50. If you have already paid Drop Off/Pick Up fees, they will be refunded (up to $10 total) once at least $50 has been paid.  All long-term storage accounts (more than one month) receive one free pick up and drop off per month (a $10 value).

**Charge per day is for any portion of a 24-hour period (i.e. 28 hours equals 2 days).  Weekly and monthly rates are automatically applied when it will lower your cost.  For example, 8 days and 3 hours equals 9 days, but will be charged as 1 week plus 2 days.

***Bicycles, Surfboards, and Golf Clubs should be in a bag or other container that completely encloses and protects them.  We do not provide such containers. Our maximum liability for such items is $200 per bicycle, surfboard, or set of golf clubs.


Drop Off or Pick Up:  You can drop off or pick up your bags at the airport or at your hotel in our covered area (The immediate airport area of SJO, San José, and along Highway 1 between San José and the airport).  For hotel service outside this area, contact us for arrangements and pricing.  Hotel service requires 24-hour advance notice.  Airport service requires no advance notice for drop off between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., and 24-hour advance notice for pick up.

Payment:  We prefer cash, in either U.S. Dollars or Costa Rica Colones.  You may pay up front, prior to your visit, using PayPal – or you may pay us in Cash when you arrive.  Currently, we only accept PayPal and Cash as methods of payment – to keep your costs low and maintain your privacy and security.  Cash may be in U.S. Dollars or Costa Rica Colones.  We do issue receipts for cash payments, in case you need that for your records.  For the safety of our employees, we do not keep much change on hand.  Please use exact change when possible.  Bills larger than $20 are not accepted.  There is a bank in the airport terminal building that will exchange your money and make change free of charge and with excellent exchange rates.

Privacy:  We will never ask for your credit card information or any personal information, other than what we need to identify your bags.  We do not share your information with other businesses or people.



Q:  Where can I find you at the airport?

A:  As you exit the terminal (lower level, outside – after Customs, rental car kiosks, taxi stand, and the shops), our kiosk is directly ahead, across the airport access road where the orange taxis are waiting.  We have a large Yellow sign with our name, “BagTree” on it.

Q:  What if I still can’t locate you?

A:  Our telephone number in Costa Rica is 506-6215-8663.  If you do not have a phone, one of the taxi drivers waiting outside the terminal is always happy to assist.

Q:  Where/How are my bags stored?

A:  We store most bags off-site, at our secure and climate-controlled facility in San José.  Bags that are scheduled to be picked up that day at the airport are located at the airport (SJO).

Q:  What if I am departing early or forget to tell you when I am departing?

A:  It is very important that you let us know at least 24 hours in advance of your departure date/time.  If you do not let us know then your bags will not be waiting for you at the airport.  If you do leave Costa Rica without your bags, we will help to reunite you with your bags, but you will be responsible for all expenses.

Q:  Am I required to make a deposit?

A:  You are not required to pay anything until you arrive in Costa Rica and we physically accept your bags for storage.  At that time, a deposit of $15 is required.  We do prefer cash, but for your convenience, you may prepay via PayPal, if you choose.  Your deposit will be applied toward your storage bill.

Q:  How is my PayPal deposit protected?

A:  Your deposit is protected by the PayPal Guarantee.

Q:  Can I get a refund of my deposit?

A:  If you have prepaid via PayPal, but have not yet delivered your bags to us, we will refund your full deposit at your request, via PayPal.  Once the bags have been accepted by us, there are no refunds.

Q:  Are my bags insured?  For how much?

A:  We will pay up to $100 for damaged/lost backpacks and small bags, and up to $200 for other bags or special items (bicycles, surfboards, and golf clubs).  We are not responsible for any additional amount for any reason.  If the contents of your bags require insurance, we strongly suggest that you obtain insurance from a reputable insurance provider.  Our service is not intended for the storage of valuable items, sensitive electronics, or similar items.  We strive to take the very best care of your items and have never had any bags damaged while in our care.

Q:  Do you speak English?

A:  Our business is run by native English-speaking expats, and all of our personnel speak good English.  Assistance in Spanish is available on request.

Q:  Are tips expected or required?

A:  You may tip if you like, but our employees never ask for tips and they are never expected.


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