JetBlue Report

I haven’t flown on JetBlue in a while, but I had the opportunity to do so this week, so it’s a good time for a report.  This report also addresses security, immigration, airport procedures, and amenities on a trip from Costa Rica to the USA. This trip was from San José, Costa Rica (SJO) to... Continue Reading →


Air Travel Terminology

*Be Aware... Air Travel Industry terminology can be quite confusing.  Terms are often misused, but can also have legitimately different meanings in various contexts.  Terms which require context to determine the exact meaning are noted with an asterisk (*).  Some organizations and businesses may use slightly different definitions for some of the terms in this... Continue Reading →

My Travel Bag

This is an unpaid endorsement... I am writing this because I genuinely love my bag and highly recommend it.  If you happen to buy it using the link on this page, then hooray for me... It’s no extra cost to you and I make a few bucks.  But... I am not getting paid by TravelPro. ... Continue Reading →

Safety & Security in Costa Rica (part 2)

Environmental Safety Terrain Costa Rica is a rugged, uneven country.  When hiking or performing other outdoor activities, be aware of the terrain around you.  Steep hills, cliffs, and sheer drops are common.  Don’t expect all walkways to be clearly marked or free of hazards.  When you’re venturing out into the wilderness, it’s always good to... Continue Reading →

Safety & Security in Costa Rica (part 1)

The most common questions that I get about traveling in Costa Rica concern safety and security.  There is a common preconception -- which is false -- that Costa Rica is a “Third World Country” and a dangerous place to visit.  While no country is perfectly safe, Costa Rica is safer than most.  This advice applies... Continue Reading →

International Flights to/from Costa Rica

For those interested in visiting Costa Rica (and I hope that you will), here's a map of all your options for Nonstop or Direct International Flights to/from Juan Santamaria Int'l Airport (SJO)... our primary airport, near the capital city, San José.  Also, as promised, I have added the map for flights to/from Daniel Oduber Quirós... Continue Reading →

Speed Through Immigration

Note: This entry is not specific to Costa Rica. For most travelers, there is no available option to expedite passage through immigration and customs controls in Costa Rica.  VIP access is available to certain passengers on a limited basis. The lines at Immigration and Customs controls can be at least as frustrating as the lines... Continue Reading →

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